Mass is proportional to the square of the magnetic flux
Based on the similarity of the formulas, manipulation of the formulas, and the search for matching values, it was found that the mass is proportional to the square of the magnetic flux. Search by using units of length and its derivatives.
Euler's number e
pi = 3.1415926535897932 3.14159265358979
4 pi = 4 * 3.141592654 12.56637061435920
Planck constant
reduced Planck constant 1.05457181764616E-34
Bohr radius = hydrogen atom radius 5.2917721067E-11
Vacuum permittivity 8.85418781762038E-12
Vacuum permeability 1.25663706143592E-06
Electron mass 9.10938370150000E-31
Proton mass 1.67262189800000E-27
Neutron mass 1.67492747100000E-27
Speed of light in vacuum 299,792,458
Planck constant 6.62607015000000E-34
reduced Planck constant 1.05457181764616E-34
electron wave energy 8.18710577682389E-14
elementary electric charge  (e) 1.60217663400000E-19
elementary magnetic flux  (u) 4.13566769692386E-15
magnetic flux quantum 2.06783384846193E-15
reduced fine-structure constant
inverse reduced fine-structure constant 861.0225764687
Vacuum permeability 1.25663706143592E-06
Vacuum permittivity 8.85418781762038E-12
Speed of light in vacuum 299,792,458
Vacuum intrinsic 376.730313461771
Vacuum impedance 25812.8074593045
fine-structure constant 0.00729735256530522
inverse fine-structure constant 137.035999158713
Vacuum permeability
Speed of light in vacuum 299,792,458
Vacuum permittivity 8.85418781762038E-12
Speed of light in vacuum 299,792,458
Vacuum intrinsic 376.7303134618
Energy function of length
Energy function of length derivate
Power function of length
electron wave energy
electron wave power
electron wave energy 8.1871057768E-14
electron wave acceleraion 3.7042055233E+28
electron radius 2.8179403247E-15
electron wave force 3.3743029421E-02
electron wave momentum 2.7309245307E-22
electron wave length 2.4263102387E-12
electron wave frequency 1.2355899638E+20
electron wave power 1.0115905730E+07
electron reactum (name?) 2.2102190943E-42
electron dimentum (name?) 4.1692548501E+18
electron reactor (name?) 4.5768791685E+48
found first massflux constant 18.77596537794660
found gamma unit 0.999845587714159
 (name?) 5.6551459661E+68
 (name?) 1.9636856156E-32
 (name?) 5.1514894493E+38
gamma unit
massflux constant 18.7759653779466
elementary flux 4.13566769692386E-15
electron wave energy 8.18710577682389E-14
Planck constant
constant unit the number of flux 7.27389510325371E-04
number of electron flux  1.00000000000
number of proton flux  1836.15264523831
number of netron flux  1838.68363204878
electron flux  4.13566769692386E-15
proton flux 7.59371718153339E-12
netron flux 7.60418450192678E-12
second mass flux constant 4.54000822936337E+15
first mass flux constant 18.7759653779466
constant unit the radian phase of flux
constant unit the degree phase of flux 9.78893157390703E-02
radian phase of electron flux  0.00170849086217
radian phase of proton flux  3.13705001594092
radian phase of netron flux  3.14137418377888
degree  phase of electron flux  0.09788931573907
degree  phase of proton flux  179.739726034862
degree  phase of netron flux  179.987482601884
proton wave energy
proton wave frequency 2.26873178047489E+23
proton wave length 1.32140987568503E-15
proton wave acceleraion 6.80148677011285E+31
proton radius 1.53469828991535E-18
proton wave force 1.13763157106480E+05
proton wave momentum 5.01439430106045E-19
proton wave power 3.41053364987919E+13
proton reactum (name?) 2.21021909430423E-42
proton dimentum (name?) 2.58098089974631E+28
proton reactor (name?) 1.54307491898346E+55
first massflux constant 18.77596537794660
neutron wave energy
neutron wave frequency 2.27185904237644E+23
neutron wave length 1.31959092711319E-15
neutron wave acceleraion 6.81086206543559E+31
neutron radius 1.53258574534155E-18
neutron wave force 1.14076999745899E+05
neutron wave momentum 5.02130623502814E-19
neutron wave power 3.41994241550883E+13
neutron reactum (name?) 2.21021909430423E-42
neutron dimentum (name?) 2.59166863399895E+28
neutron reactor (name?) 1.54733185697385E+55
first massflux constant 18.77596537794660
electric charge
magnetic flux  
charge phase constant 1.80951281698765E-08
flux phase constant 3.29105978475453E-09
electron vacuum Inductance 2.08910789302331E-16
electron vacuum Capacitance 3.13538146020070E-25
Vacuum impedance 25812.8074593045
electron wave frequency 1.23558996380741E+20
electron voltage 510998.949996164
electron current 19.7963336921714
radius of electric field area
radius of magnetic field area 5.02098214577212E-12
radius of electric field length 1.03903702445923E-11
radius of magnetic field length 1.51644389917693E-13
electric field length 6.52846216569783E-11
magnetic field length 9.52809802647063E-13
electric area 2.31181217968018E-24
magnetic area 1.58400745954878E-22
electric field 7.82724839367348E+15
magnetic field 2.07767947361309E+13
Vacuum intrinsic 376.73031346177100
electic field density 6.93039273727524E+04
magnetic field density 2.61088902832688E+07
electron wave capacitance 3.13538146020070E-25
electron wave inductance 2.08910789302330E-16
Vacuum impedance 25812.8074593045
electron wave frequency 1.23558996380742E+20
Bohr radius = hydrogen atom radius 5.29177211194179E-11
electron radius 2.81794032467079E-15
Ratio radius 18778.86506542680000
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